Our Church Pastors

Calvin Ray Evans is the church pastor. He has been preaching at Rubyville Community Church since 1983. Calvin Ray is the best pastor in the world because of his dedication to his faith and to the church is a strength that we all benefit from. Calvin Ray is married to Kandi and has two grown children, Tarrah and Caleb and a son-in-law, Ryan Bouts. The Lord has blessed Calvin Ray and Kandi with two grandchildren, Grayson and Amelia Bouts.

Calvin Ray

Brian Baer became our first Associate Pastor in 2005. He is such a blessing to our church and a great help to Calvin Ray. Brian has a passion to reach the lost and is truly a man of God. We are so blessed to have Brian and his family here at Rubyville. Brian is married to Heather and has two wonderful children, Abby and Alex.

Brian Baer